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Unreal events can generally be attended from the age of 18. Supervision transfers (Muttizettel) are not accepted.

For events in Germany:
If you bought a ticket but did not receive it, please check your spam mailbox. If you have deleted the email just log in to the portal or write an email to You will automatically receive a link to your portal. There you can view your orders and download the tickets again. If this does not lead to a solution please contact:

For events in The Netherlands:
Please contact:

Since we don't compare the ticket to your ID, the name on the ticket is not that important.

No, each purchase is final and excluded from return or exchange.

Resale in the private sphere is generally prohibited, but will be tolerated if no higher price than the price stated on the ticket is demanded. unreal accepts no liability whatsoever for the private resale of tickets.

At unreal it is generally not forbidden to take photos and videos. However, please be careful not to violate the privacy of other guests.
Also, the use of the flash on the cell phone disturbs other guests and the artists, so please avoid that.

This depends on the location. For events in Germany, please text us via Instagram if you want to know for sure. For events in The Netherlands, please send an e-mail to